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Topic PictureWe understand that as time passes your staff needs change and newer employees will need to be trained on the proper use of our pneumatic tube system. We always have provided training for our clients upon completion of a new system installation but we have expanded that training to include in-house training packages, factory training packages, and training materials.

Our in-house training packages offer clients the ability to have our pneumatic tube system technicians come to the facility and train the employees on the proper use of the installed system.

Our factory training packages allow our clients to tour our manufacturing facility and to be trained on our factory installed pneumatic tube system. We do require that all attendees are disclosed a week in advance from the date of the training so that we have training materials readily available to each person. Also, these packages do not include accomodations or food but lunch can be provided to those attending for an additional fee.

Our training materials will often be used during our training sessions at the client's facility or our factory but we also offer a training package that the facility can use to train their own employees. Often times we will have a facility request that a designated employee be trained on the system so that they, in turn, can train additional employees in-house themselves. As a result, we have made our training materials readily available to order so that facilities can perform their own training.

There are two significant differences between our company and our competitors in training clients.
First, our systems are so easy to understand that we often allow one of our client's own employees figure out how to use it with no prior training. The employee quickly finds out that our systems are very intuitive and take minimal time to begin operating the system.

Second, we do not raise our rates or limit the amount of people that can be trained during a single session. We allow our clients to choose anyone they wish to attend to learn about our pneumatic tube system.

We have found that as more people are properly trained in the use of the tube system we have seen the amount of system errors decrease. We have found that most errors that occur with our system are not due to hardware components failing or performing improperly but because a facility did not properly train their personnel. We wish to encourage facilities to take advantage of our training packages and this is why we do not limit the amount of people or raise our rates due to the amount of employees being trained in one session. All packages, unless specifically stated only include one session. We will only provide multiple sessions upon request from the facility but there will be an additional cost to do so.


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