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Twin Linet Pneumatic Tube Systems
Twin Line systems were one of the first pneumatic tube system designs available. The main difference between a Twin Line and Pressure Pressure (PP) or Vacuum Pressure (VP) system is that the blower remains running at all times. Each end also has tubing with an opening to insert and send the carrier to another destination while also having a station to receive the carrier.

The Twin Line system requires two separate lines to operate: one for sending and one for receiving. This system was best used for facilities that required a high volume of traffic throughout the day. By keeping the blower continually running, this allowed a person simply to insert the carrier in the sending tubing and continue on with other tasks.

While the Twin Line system is still being used by many facilities today, it is most often replaced by newer system designs, such as the Pressure Pressure, Vacuum Pressure, Semi-automatic, or Automatic.

Recommended carriers: Adanac and CR

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