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The stations are the most used and familiar part of the pneumatic tube system. A station is what will send and/or receive a carrier being sent through the tube system. Depending on the needs of the facility a specific type of station, or multiple types of stations, will be used. The automatic station provides the most features for a user and is also computer controlled. A point-to-point station uses a traditional pushbutton to trigger a blower to send a carrier on to its destination. A semi-automatic can use a combination of these technologies depending on the facility's needs.

While these are the three categories of pneumatic tube system stations there can be several different types of stations within each category. For example, the automatic station is provided in two installation styles: wall-recessed and countertop. Many of these stations were designed based on a specific need a past client had and became a standard station. However, if a client finds that none of the standard stations provide the features they need, we have the ability to custom design pneumatic tube systems for unique situations.

Below are pictures of our different pneumatic tube system stations:

Automatic  Semi-automatic VP Recessed  Slide Sleeve  Twin Line 
Automatic Semi-Automatic Point-to-Point


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