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Topic PictureBelow is a list of standard general specifications for the different types of pneumatic tube systems:

4" Auto 14 92 00 Specs (DOC)
4" Auto 14 92 00 Specs (PDF)

6" Auto 14 92 00 Specs (DOC)
6" Auto 14 92 00 Specs (PDF)

We always encourage our clients to review any specifications that they use for pneumatic tube system bids on a project because we have found that many will intentionally word their "generic" or "standard" specifications in a way to eliminate as many competitors as possible from bidding. This includes anything from making system operation requirements that are unique to their systems or requiring the pneumatic tube system to be the same brand as the existing installed system. Many pneumatic tube system companies sell their own product and are therefore eliminated from the bidding process.

We do not write our specifications to eliminate our competitors from bidding because we believe that our pneumatic tube system speaks for itself in terms of quality, cost, and support. If you have any questions or need any information clarified regarding these specifications please give us a call at 800-247-7638.


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