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Zip 4.0 has been officially released! In 2009 we worked hard at updating our software "under the hood" to make it faster, more efficient, and more reliable. In 2010, we have added new reports, added carrier tracking capabilities, and many other features.

What makes our software different from other companies? For over a decade we have been offering touch screens and software that accommodates shortcut buttons for every location in your facility. Other competitors merely offer a limited amount of shortcuts while other lower priority locations still require a code that refers to a specific location.

We have found this practice counter-intuitive, especially with todays technology, and have worked very hard to make our software the easiest to use. We also allow our clients to try to use the software before officially training them to show them how intuitive and easy it is to learn. We have found that our clients have little to no trouble efficiently using our software before we have even begun the training session!

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