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Topic PictureNothing will extend the life of your system more than taking advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Package. When our client's purchase this package we send our own pneumatic tube system technicians to your facility, have them test and evaluate your system, and provide a list of parts that should be replaced or ways to increase the speed and efficiency of the system. We offer many different types of short term and long term preventative maintenance packages to meet your facilities needs. We can have our technicians come out annually, bi-annually, or even quarterly based on the needs of your facility. We have found that the facilities that have purchased our preventative maintenance end up having less system problems due to movable parts wearing out over time and more advanced notice when they should replace worn out parts.

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Along with the preventative maintenance package we highly recommend keeping backup stock of our tube system parts. Since we have designed our systems to be easy to understand and operate this allows the facility's own maintenance personnel to replace parts without the assistance of a pneumatic tube system technician. Many companies will sell extra parts but they insist on only certified pneumatic tube system technicians installing the part into their complicated equipment. We want our clients to keep backup stock because it can prevent a $10.00 part from costing much more to be shipped overnight because the pneumatic tube system must be up and running again as soon as possible. Buying the parts in advance saves money, time waiting, and system down time by having them ready in advance to replace. Preventative maintenance and backup replacement parts are part of the key to extending the life of the tube system.


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