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Currently there are three different types of Pressure Pressure systems that can be purchased. All three systems operate using Pressure Vacuum technology but have different applications.

Recommended carriers: Adanac and CR

Zip Basic Pneumatic Tube Systems
The Zip Basic System is the most common Pressure Pressure System seen in public. This type of system would be similar to a bank drive up where a carrier sends a deposit slip to the teller (Point A to Point B transaction). While banks commonly use this configuration, this system is the most used in virtually every type of environment. For further information, download the Zip Basic brochure to the left or call us at 800-247-7638.

Zip Basic Pneumatic Tube Systems
The Zip Gravity System is used where items are tranported vertically between two floors of a facility, however, it must be exactly 180 degrees in order to operate. The station on the upper floor merely uses gravity to "drop" the carrier down to the lower floor. The lower floor then can send the carrier back to the upper floor using the attached blower. For further information, download the Zip Gravity brochure to the left.

Zip Basic Pneumatic Tube Systems

The Zip Soft Landing System has two blowers that are not directly attached to the stations to allow the air flow to be redirected and slow the carrier's velosity into a station. The blower can be mounted almost anywhere from under a counter to fully conceiled in the ceiling. Using a Zip Soft Landing System can increase the life of a carrier up to five times longer.

Looking for something more advanced?
Try our Semi-automatic System or Automatic System.

Do it Yourself Kits
We believe point to point systems are so easy to install that we give our clients the option to purchase our Do It Yourself Kits. This option helps our customers save money on installation costs while providing them with the system that they need.

Still don't see the right system for your facility's needs? We can design or customize a system just for you!

Call us today at 800.247.7638 for a free consultation!


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