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Topic PictureEven though our tube systems are the most reliable in the industry there will still be times when moveable parts will wear out. Many facilities choose not to purchase any additional parts in order to save money upfront, however, they later find out that not having system downtime and waiting for a part to ship far outweighs the cost of maintaining a small stock of replacement parts. We have also seen many times where clients choose not to purchase a replacement part and end up requesting it be sent overnighting to get the facility operational within one day. Often clients end up paying 2 to 3 times the cost of the part in shipping costs because they did not maintain a small stock of replacement parts.

We recognize that costs are always a concern with our clients and we promise we will not sell you replacement parts that you do not need. We are continually looking for long lasting parts at the lowest cost available so that we can join with you in keeping your pneumatic tube system costs down. We simply encourage you to buy a few replacement parts to reduce your total shipping costs and nearly eliminate system down time in the process.

For more information about your system and which replacement parts you should purchase, please call 800-247-7638.


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