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Topic PictureAre you satisfied with your current system but wonder if it could be operating better?

Let our professionals come out and perform a free assessment of your pneumatic tube system to see if we can reduce transaction times, look for signs of worn out parts, and much more (travel costs not included). We offer this service to everyone, even facilities that currently own our competitor's pneumatic tube systems.

Even though our company uses the same phrases as our competitors, such as "pneumatic tube system," we are one of the few completely pneumatically-operated tube systems available on the market today. A pneumatic tube system means more than just having a blower motor that uses air to send and receive carriers between locations.

We have found that using pneumatics in ALL of has led to being cleaner (no oil or grease), more cost effective for both new installations and replacement parts, very low maintenance, and faster transactions and efficiency than partially pneumatic tube systems.

How is this different than our competitors?
1. Motor driven equipment require regular lubrication to function optimally.
2. The more moving parts in equipment the higher risk of mechanical failure.
3. Motor driven equipment is slower than pneumatic linear cylinders by several seconds per transaction.
4. Unexpected failures can force you to depend on getting a replacement part immediately regardless of cost.
5. Motor driven equipment are often too complicated for maintenance personnel to understand well.
6. Many facilities pay our competitors to install replacement parts because of their complicated equipment.
7. Our competitors require facilities to purchase their proprietary parts.

Our solution to these problems:
1. Our truly pneumatic operated tube systems do not require any lubrication.

In fact, when a Director of maintenance for a prospective client asked one of our foreman how to clean or lubricate our parts he misunderstood because our systems have never required any cleaning or lubrication!

2. Our cylinders move in a linear motion and are rated to last for over a million transactions per cylinder.
3. By using pneumatic (air) operated cylinders, our equipment aligns in less than one second!
4. Our parts are low cost which allows your facility to keep backup parts on hand without being expensive.
5. Our systems are simple. One engineer asked us what our diverter looked like with all parts installed.

He couldn't believe the difference:

Competitor's Diverter Zip Pnuematics Diverter Zip Pnuematics Diverter
           Competitor Diverter                              Zip Diverter

6. Our equipment design is simple so your maintenance personnel can cut costs and be more productive.
7. We chose components easily purchased from local suppliers so our clients don't pay premium prices.

We have tightly held to the concept that pneumatic tube systems should be reliable, well manufactured, no or minimal maintenance required, readily available LOCAL replacement parts, easy to understand, simple to operate, and responsive and helpful client service for a low cost to our clients.


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