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Topic PictureZip Pneumatics, Inc. was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1967 by Bobby Sims when he became a distributor for Zip Systems, a pneumatic tube system manufacturer. Several years later, Bobby became a stockholder of Zip Systems and later went on to serve as president for some time. At this point, there were approximately twenty Zip Systems distributors all over the United States that could perform installations, upgrades, and other services to Zip Systems clients.

In the early 1990s, Zip Systems was sold to a new owner. When this event occurred, Bobby made the decision for his company, Zip Pneumatics, to stop being a distributor and to start manufacturing, installing, and servicing his own products. He set out not only to provide one type of pneumatic tube system, but a whole line of systems in order to meet any needs that his clients would require for their facility. By controlling every part of the process from manufacturing to installation and service, Bobby was also able to provide customized systems for clients upon request. Bobby’s decision to offer a whole line of pneumatic tube systems lead Zip Pneumatics to establish itself as a company that focused on producing quality pneumatic tube systems and offering excellent customer service.

In the 1980s, Bobby’s sons, Jeff and Dave, began learning to install and service pneumatic tube systems. By the 1990s, Dave and Jeff became experienced and knowledgeable enough for Dave to serve as project foreman while Jeff assumed a management position in operations at Zip Pneumatics. Soon after this, Jeff started to help design and engineer Zip Pneumatics’ systems and many of today’s systems are a result of his work. Eventually, Jeff became the president and full time manager of Zip Pneumatics while Bobby remained the CEO and served as a consultant. Jeff, to this day, still continues on the great tradition of providing high quality and low cost pneumatic tube systems to facilities all over the United States. The current selection of pneumatic tube systems range from simple point to point systems to computer-controlled automatic systems.

At Zip Pneumatics, the emphasis has always been on quality and customer service. It is understood that more is at stake than a sale: our very reputation relies on our service to our clients. The best assurance Zip Pneumatics could provide its clients is the peace of mind that the designers of the system have also performed the installations. Many pneumatic tube system companies today are distributors, not manufacturers, and cannot gaurantee the same depth of knowledge or experience that Zip Pneumatics can with its products. Whether your facility requires a standard or customized solution, Zip Pneumatics has the ability to provide both options to its clients.


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