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As we have stated on other pages, such as our Company page, we are one of the few truly pneumatic tube systems beyond simply using air pressure to move our carriers through our tubing. We believe that pneumatics is both more cost effective and more productive for our clients than motor driven technology that our competitors use.

One of our primary focuses is not only to develop new technology and features for our clients but to make sure that all of our equipment are simple to operate for anyone that may need to use it at your facility. We have noticed that this emphasis has been missing in our industry and that is why we go the extra mile to make our client's facility productive and simple. Although we have designed our systems to be simple to learn and operate, we have not sacrificed offering any features that our competitors can offer. We have simply developed advances in technology with our end users in mind.

Another example of this commitment is our newest touch screen technology. Our competitors use codes that facilities must memorize or label to be able to use. We have seen first hand how frustrating this can be to have to retrain new personnel constantly or having reduced productivity because of the pneumatic tube system. Our touch screen technology does not require codes at all to send and receive from any locations. The only thing anyone is required to do is place a carrier in the send position and touch which clearly labeled location they wish to send.

In fact, you will find that all of our equipment use pneumatic technology to operate. Below are links to our different pneumatic operated equipment.

Station Diverter Blower Carrier
Stations Diverters Blowers / Shifter Carriers Touch Screen


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