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Topic PictureBelow are lists of documents for our pneumatic tube systems, equipment, and parts. All information is freely downloadable and contains information from spill cleanup and specifications to operation and maintenance manuals. Most of the documents contain general information for each system and may not provide enough information for your facility. If you cannot find the information you are looking for or have additional questions please let us assist you. We will update our available documentation frequently to make sure we are providing the most relevant and current information to our clients.

Looking for information about our systems? Our brochure page provides a quick 1-2 page layout of each system, gives an example of what the system looks like, and offers some general to intermediate level information. All of our equipment is customizable so please feel free to inquire about modifications, additional features, and so on.

Looking for drawings that can give you a visual layout of our system risers, 2D and 3D equipment, 2D and 3D coordination , and more? Our drawings page provides a great selection of views of our equipment and systems in different downloadable file formats like Autocad (dwf and dwg), Adobe (pdf), and picture files (jpg, gif, png, tiff, and so on). We have drawings available for all of our equipment. If you do not find what you are looking for please call us at 800-247-7638 and we will be happy to assist you.

Parts List
Looking for a list of parts for your system? Our parts list page provides a general list of parts for each system for your convenience. *While most of the parts list will apply to your facility you may still have customized equipment or additional features that may not be shown. If you need a parts list that is specific to your facility please call us at 800-247-7638.

Looking for more technical information about our pneumatic tube systems? Our specifications page provides general system specifications for architects working with bidding projects as well as specifications specific to our systems and equipment. If you need further details than what is provided please contact us at 800-247-7638.


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