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Diverter Alignment Diverters are the heart and soul of every automatic and semi-automatic pneumatic tube system because they are the work horses that carry the bulk of the operation. More importantly, diverters are the key components that determine the speed and efficiency of the system.

Zip Series diverters use only linear pneumatic cylinders which align in less than one (1) second. When a facility has hundreds and thousands of transactions per day – just a few seconds saved could mean hours of saved time!

wrenchZip Pneumatics’ diverters are ingeniously designed to be the fastest and most reliable on the market. The genius is in its simplicity. We use the fewest moving parts which drastically reduces the chances of breakdown.

cylinderWe use linear pneumatic cylinders to position our diverters instead of slow and expensive motors (which rotate the diverters into position). Pneumatic cylinders are quick, clean, reliable, and designed to last through two million cycles.

Zip Series diverters also use “off-the-shelf” parts so you do not have to pay high dollar prices for proprietary parts. That means peace of mind knowing you can obtain the parts in hours instead of days, which proprietary parts sometimes require.

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