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Pneumatic Tube System Customization The biggest difference between Zip Pneumatics and our competitor's is that we literally design our systems to fit in your facility, not the other way around. Nearly all of our competitors either resell another company's system, which means they have no control over the manufacturing, contract out their service to other companies, or they only offer their already designed standard systems with a "take it or leave it" policy. We know that not every facility can receive a cookie-cutter designed pneumatic tube system to meet their needs and this is why we offer both standard and customized systems. Extra nonstandard features are as easy to provide as our standard systems because we believe that providing excellent service to our clients is simply who we are. In most cases, there is either no additional cost or minimal cost differences involved between our customized and standard systems. Should you be settling for a pneumatic tube system that almost has everything you want or a team of designers that design the system with your facility in mind?

To give an example, we were recently awarded a project not because we were the lowest cost but because of our ability to design a system for this facility's exact needs. They wanted a pneumatic tube system that was well out of the normal specifications that most of our competitors were either unwilling or lacked the skills to do. There were even a few companies that said they could perform the customized work but later admitted that they had little or no experience to be able to perform the job as they had promised. What other companies term as "nonstandard" or "irregular" specifications are not a problem with our company. We don't evaluate each project based on whether it is standard or nonstandard but based on what features our client's facility needs.

We believe that if we can provide reliable and efficient customized pneumatic tube systems how much more reliable would our standard equipment be? Please give us a call for a free consultation regarding your needs, whether standard or customized, and we will provide you with the right solution for you!


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