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Topic Picture We have been performing consultations and design work for pneumatic tube systems since our company began in 1967. We have been able to surprise some facilities by installing our pneumatic tube system when they thought it was impossible. We have done every kind of design work imaginable from small businesses to large, multi-building facilities. We have performed work indoors and outdoors, above and below ground, above and below ceilings, wall-recessed and countertop stations, and more.

Variations in installation and design do not affect our ability to meet our client's needs. We believe that we should be providing our clients with the systems that they WANT and not just what they can get. We believe that many facility's needs will fit the standard pneumatic tube systems that are available but we believe that maintaining the ability to customize the system upon a client's request shows that we have a breadth of knowledge like no other pneumatic tube system company. Sometimes a standard system offered by a company is lacking in features that a client wants but most companies have a "take it or leave it" policy.

We have seen some companies promise that their pneumatic tube system does have the features that the client is requesting when they really can't provide them. Most companies work harder at getting their product in the facility so that a client is stuck with their products and services instead of catering to the client's actual needs. We give our clients the freedom to truly choose what features they want in a pneumatic tube system for their facility and we work with that client to make it a reality.

We are experienced in providing a system that will fit your facility's need so please contact us for a free consultation (800-247-7638).


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