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Topic PictureZip Pneumatics is a company that only manufactures, installs, and services pneumatic tube systems. When you purchase our products and services you receive a company that specializes just in the pneumatic tube system industry.

What makes us different?
We are one of the few truly pneumatically operated tube systems available today. Our clients have seen the difference between motor-driven and pneumatic-driven pneumatic tube systems and they are not turning back. Besides the equipment operating faster and more reliable, our equipment is also lower in cost. Our current clients can testify that lower cost does not mean lower performance. We take pride in the fact that we are able to produce high quality at a great price but you do not have to take out word only. We can provide references of facilities all of the country that have one of our pneumatic tube systems installed.

Last, but definitely not least, we do not treat our customers like another sale or account number. We recognize that each facility has its own unique needs and requirements for their pneumatic tube system and it requires a high standard of service. We encourage you to not only purchase a low cost, highly reliable system but also to consider the high level of customer service that comes with the equipment.

Visit our products page for more information or call us today for a free consultation (800-247-7638)!


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