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Topic PictureThe Automatic Pneumatic Tube System is the Porsche of all pneumatic tube systems. It can have as many stations (locations) as you need and all stations can send to and receive from each other. This system is designed for anything from simple to complex to specialized environments. There is virtually no need that this pneumatic tube system cannot meet.

There are currently two automatic stations that can be selected with each station: The recessed automatic station and the countertop automatic station. These stations can operate on the same system but both provide solutions based on the space requirement needs of a facility.

The automatic pneumatic tube system is most chosen by hospitals because this system saves time and money. It has the ability to send blood vials, prescriptions, IV bags, and much more from a first floor station while reaching an eighth floor station within 1 minute.

Many hospitals have experienced higher productivity, less overworked employees, and higher patient satisfaction directly as a result of our pneumatic tube system providing faster and more efficient transportation in the work environment.

Recommended Carriers: Euro and Golston

Work environments that currently use this system are:

Samples, specimens, blood vials, IV bags, and more.

Office Buildings
Documents, forms, receipts, and more.

Looking for something simpler?
Try our Point to Point systems or Semi-automatic System.


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