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Topic PictureOur company has been providing 2D system design and development support on projects for decades and having seen that the construction industry was moving on to 3D coordination and design we began using Navisworks to be prepared for the transition.

When we experienced first hand how 3D design software made our coordination efforts with other trades much more efficient we knew this was the future for construction projects. Now we have the ability to provide 2D or 3D views for any project by request. Since 3D design software has made our equipment much easier to understand we have been converting all of our past design work into 3D as well. These 3D drawings are now available to our clients.

Sometimes a 2D drawing doesn't give you the whole picture, so now all our future system drawings will give our clients the ability to rotate our products in a 3D mode directly from the PDF file without requiring any expensive software. All you need is the freely available Adobe Reader!

We understand that our clients are looking for a pneumatic tube system company that possesses the experience and great workmanship while being able to provide great products, excellent client support, and low cost in return. Our systems provide all of these qualities to our clients.


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